Thesis Project: Kobol Interior Touches

This week I dealt with a lot of technical glitches with Maya.  For some reason, whenever I would zoom in the orthographic cameras really tightly, it would crash the program.  That can be very troublesome when you've put a lot of detail work into the model, but luckily, I was able to pull through it.

This week I don't have a lot that is visually different from last week because a lot of what I worked on was technical.  I spent a day and a half UV mapping the exterior elements of the spaceship.  It is going to require some tricky texture work and very large texture maps.  I hope that Maya can handle it all without crashing.  

Although most of what I did this week was technical, I did add a few elements to the bedroom:

I also decided to just have some fun last night and threw a spotlight and bunch of Mental Ray architectural shaders on some of the elements to give an idea of what I am going for in terms of materials.  It definitely adds some different flair to see shadows and color, so the feeling of the interior is going to become more defined as I go along.

I did some post processing to these images like adjusting the brightness and adding a bit of a glow to the brighter elements.  I plan on doing the same for the animated images.

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