AMA Unclassified, Part 2: Z1 Spacesuit

I wanted to share one more thing that I've been working on that isn't in the SBU (sensitive but unclassified) realm.  One of the things that we haven't had good access to in the past at our company is actual spacesuits to get texture and reference photography from for our 3D models.  Recently we got to go see a pressure test of the Z1 spacesuit, which we wanted for our library of models.

This character was created and rigged in Modo with the textures done in Photoshop.  Hopefully one day I'll be able to take it into ZBrush and do some real sculpting to it, rather than faking it in Photoshop.

This and other fun perks are a few of the reasons why I am enjoying this job immensely.

All images created by AMA Studios/Advanced Concept Lab JSC