Hard Surface Modeling: F-22 Polygonal Refinement

This part of the modeling stage always gets a bit tedious, but it is all worth it in the end.  After the conversion to polygons, I began smoothing out the topology so that it was a bit more even.  In addition, Maya has an option where you can preview a smoother mesh without actually subdividing the model.  Because this mesh uses the same formula to interpolate as a NURBS surface, you can get some nice, smooth results:

What needs to be done now is adding little detail lines where the sharp edges need to be.  Since the smoothing algorithm sort of averages everything out, creating more detail is needed where you need definition.

Chiaroscuro: Drawing from a Photo – Part 2

Here is the final and finished project along with the reference photo.  I need some more practice in getting the proportions of the human face down.

As an interesting side note, if you have never heard of the artist Chuck Close, his art was very similar to this. The main exception is that the heads he would depict would be on a canvas as large as 15 feet tall:


Hard Surface Modeling: F-22 Polygonal Conversion

This week I converted over the NURBS surfaces into polygons in order to do some final detailing.  This part will be where I can smooth some things out and not mess up the continuity.  There are some problem areas that I need to sort out, but  I think I am off to a decent start.

Chiaroscuro: Drawing from a Photo – Part 1

I've done assignments like this before and then tend to come out okay.  First you take a photograph and divide it up into a grid system.  Then you use the grid lines as visual references to put all the landmarks together.  This is part one of a two part assignment.

I seem to be having a problem with my perception of faces, because I do a crappy job at getting the proportions right.


Hard Surface Modeling: F-22 Refinement

More progress was made on the surfaces of the F-22 this week.  I've also been dividing the main body into the various control surfaces of the aircraft, so it should be much easier to put back together when I convert into polygons.  This next week I need to adjust a few more things, but I should be close to converting the entire mesh into polygons for the final touchups.

Chiaroscuro: The Human Face

I'm not going to lie; human faces are one of my least favorite things to draw from observation.  I always get proportions and angles wrong, partially due to the way I am looking/measuring/holding the paper.  Anyway, that was the assignment this week.  I could use some practice on that.


Hard Surface Modeling: F-22 Bottom Surfaces

This week I worked mainly on my 3D model, finishing up the bottom surfaces.  There are some interesting challenges that I have to overcome in terms of how they all meet together.  Next up will be to divide the surfaces up into the various control surfaces of the plane.