Sunday Afternoon Sculpt: Barbarian Work in Progress

I was interested in doing a full figure for one of these weeks, which is always much more complex than just doing a head.  I decided to revisit the mesh that I had made for the super hero sculpt a few months back to do some sort of barbarian warrior or something.  I really wanted an excuse to do a bulked out muscular human male.

This is just a start for now.  I spent most of the time blocking in and detailing the anatomical details.  I had to make some significant changes to the base mesh like putting in eye sockets and making the head more proportional to the rest of the body, but it looks closer to what I would like to see.

Next week I plan on posing him in a dynamic action pose and adding details like a sword and a leather skirt or something.  I've also learned quite a bit about hair in ZBrush, so I might try that out as well.

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