Organic Modeling: ZSpheres

This week we briefly touched on ZSpheres as a way to block in your model.  Essentially ZBrush allows you to place and scale ZSpheres in 3D space.  It interpolates the distance between the spheres in a hierarchal manner and populates it evenly with other spheres.  it's almost like creating a rig for something that will turn into geometry later.

You can then create an adaptive skin using those spheres which will create a very rough base mesh for you to work on.  Retopology will be necessary later on, but this is just another tool that allows you to get to sculpting a more quickly.

As a side note, soon enough I will start working on my final project for this class.  I haven't ever done a female character before so I decided to do Felicia Day as her character from the short web series "Dragon Age: Redemption."  The majority of it will be done after my final presentation, but all in all, I think it will be rewarding.

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