Sunday Afternoon Sculpt: Barbarian Posed

I visited the barbarian sculpt this week and decided to try a few new things.  I have a lot to learn about morphology of the human body, but this was just for fun and learning anyway.  I used the ZBrush plugin Transpose Master to build a rig and pose this guy.  It allows you to do a quick and dirty rig so that you can move your mesh around and get it posed the way you like it.  After that, I did the skirt as a Dynamesh object and tried to sculpt it according to the pose.  In the industry, you would have someone doing a simulation of cloth for animation purposes, but for this I just sculpted it into place.  The sword was done in Maya and then imported into the scene.

All in all this was a worthwhile exercise and I learned a lot.  I didn't do all the surface details like pores and wrinkles, mainly because I got a little bored with this going back into it.  I tried using Fibermesh to do some hair on him, but it really looked terrible when I got it done.  I may explore it again in the future when I have a moment.

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