Organic Modeling 2: John Malkovich Sculpt

I could spend hours in ZBrush having fun.  Projects in this class are something that I actually look forward to.  It's not the best work out there, by any means, but I have to admit that this is better than what I have previously done in ZBrush.

I added some more elements to the model such as the shirt, jacket, and tie.  I took the lowest resolution level of the head and exported it to Maya.  Using that as a reference, I made some quick 3D models of the clothing.  After that, I took the clothes back into ZBrush to add the wrinkles and textural details.  Once I start adding color to this, it will start to feel a lot more real.  I just learned about a few projection painting techniques in ZBrush with a feature called Spotlight.  It allows you to overlay an image and essentially paint the texture onto your model.  It's pretty nifty and with the few tests I have done, you can get some realistic results.  I also did some quick tests using ZBrush's new FiberMesh tools, which can create CG hair really easily.  It's not as customizable as Shave and a Haircut, but it does the trick for simple hair and fur.  I can't wait to get into that some more.

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