MACES: Wrapping things up

It took me almost a year working between projects, but I finally finished up my model of the MACES spacesuit this week.

A heroic shot, because why not? 

 Various controls for the head and helmet

Turnaround renderings

Overall I am very pleased with how this turned out.  It's nothing all that glamorous compared to other spacesuit designs I have seen on the internet, but it will be a good asset for our studio to have.

I developed some pretty complex controls to the rig to simplify the time it takes to animate things.  Over the past few years of using Modo regularly, I have grown accustomed to how those controls need to be developed.  You can dynamically blend the arms between forward and inverse kinematics, open and close the hands, and open the visor and faceplate.  There is actually a lot of dynamic math that goes on behind the scenes to make the controls so easy.  For example, this is the setup for the left arm:

I guess all the practice I had in connecting and disconnecting audio visual equipment finally paid off.

I have a few more tidbits I want to add into this, but for now the base model will be a great addition to our animations.