Thesis Project: Kobol – Modeling Reconciliation

I decided that this model needed to feel grounded when you saw the renderings of it, rather than sitting in the air.  I decided to create a landing gear system for it, which was quite a mechanical feat in itself.  There is a lot to think about when working on something like this.

I also finished the external rear details of the engine and am much more pleased with this iteration over the original design.  This feels more completed:

I also added a VTOL system to the ship for when it is in an atmospheric planet.  Essentially, the vents on the bottom send thrust to the right vectors underneath the ship to help it take off from a launch pad.  When they are closed, they line exactly up with the rest of the surface so that it appears seamlesss:

I'm hoping to have some time to animate that feature so that the committee can see how it all works.  This next week I have to finish the exterior and work my tail feathers off on modeling the interior.  It's closer, but no where near where I feel comfortable with it.

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