Organic Modeling 2: Week 1 Head Sculpt

I have a feeling that I am going to really enjoy this class.  I decided that my organic modeling skills weren't really that up to scratch, so I decided with my last spare credits, I would take a class to polish it up.  Not only do I get to focus a ton on some of the things that I find most fascinating about anatomy, the class is taught by a dopplegänger of Seth Rogan.

This week our assignment was to see how well knew ZBrush and also gave us a chance to refresh our skills.  We were to take the most basic geometric model, a cube, and work from there in sculpting a head of out choice.  We were supposed to keep it humanoid, so we could do an alien or human.  Since I'll most likely be doing a human head for my midterm project, I wanted to just have some fun with this first assignment.  One of the nice things I have learned is that you can have fun first, then worry about topology and technical stuff later.

By the way, it's best to click on the picture to get the full details.

So as you can see, I started off with a cube and began stretching out the vertices  to some oblique angles.  I don't want to stretch things out too badly because then the distortion would be very evident.

At about this level I could start adding some more defining details about the form.

This is the level where most of the medium details were sculpted in. It's still pretty rough, so I didn't get too detailed.  The trick is to move from broad to focused as you work.  That helps keep you from getting too much detail too early.

The refinement starts to get a lot more detailed at this stage.

Although you really can't see a huge difference in the details from the renderings, they are subtle enough to be noticeable to the artist.

I wound up doing an alien design for my head.  This alien has large olfactory glands and transmits messages to others in his species through pheromones emitted from the orifices in his cranium.  Fun stuff and I'm looking forward to doing some more heads as the semester goes on.

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