Thesis Project: Kobol Interior Design Changes

This week I spent a great deal of time backtracking on the design of the interior of the spaceship.  Going into the modeling, I told myself that I wanted to simplify things a bit, but the further I got into the model, the more I realized that I hadn't really thought things through fully.  I had troubles visualizing the interior space completely because the exterior of the ship had so many changing surfaces.  After getting some pretty clear feedback from a number of people about how the exterior and interior really didn't relate to each other and that I didn't really have any spacey motifs on the interior, I decided that I needed to look at this space again.  It just wasn't working.

I wound up raising the ceiling and opening up the area where the icon statue sits.  In addition, the walls are all curves of one type or another.

I added some sweeping structural elements to the ceiling to relate to some of the sweeping lines of the exterior.  I also raised the ceiling of the main audience chamber and added a small lofted section to complete the transition.

For the bedroom, I took out the original simplified Roman columns and added the sweeping organic struts to the interior.  That changed where I could put the sconces I had already constructed, so I had to come up with a different idea.

Overall, the design feels better.  It feels less "cardboard box" and more vessel-like.  I have a few more design details to add, but the idea is to make this feel like a luxury yacht.  Surfaces have to hide the functional elements of the craft while still conforming to the design of the surrounding elements.

I did a few more sketches of things I still need to add and added some glow to give some sense of where the light sources will be coming from.

I hope to finish doing the modeling this next week.  My plans for the plants is to modify some XFrog plants I've downloaded for free and make them feel a little more alien, either in texture or shape.  We'll see how it pans out.

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