Why for me "Text Messaging = Exploitation"

Some people wonder why I don't text message.  Here is why:

1) I'm already compulsively addicted to email and check it constantly.  (For me, Facebook is an extension of email.  I don't use it for anything but messaging.)

2) I have roughly 1,500 rollover minutes in addition to my severely downgraded cell phone plan.  I obviously don't communicate that much already.

3) If it is an emergency, someone better darn well call me instead of texting me.  If it's not an emergency, then there isn't any reason why it can't wait.

4) I have fat thumbs and a phone with tiny numbers.

5) Most importantly, for pay-per-use texting, the telecom companies are charging roughly $1,310 per megabyte of text message data sent piggybacking on another signal, essentially costing them nothing.  Just to give you some perspective, I'll estimate that with Comcast internet, I'm probably being charged ¢1/10th per megabyte that I download to my computer.  For me, when it comes to that, it's beyond simple economics, it's ethical... and I'm taking a stand.


Elder Max and Sister Pat said...

I agree. If you text me, I'll never see it.

Sally said...

My daughter threw up on my Blackberry so the 2,,3,5, and 8 don't work - making me send messages, like "Me, woo!" Yea, not a fan of it.