All the cool kids are doing it

I know that this seems so 2007, but I finally decided to start a blog. Yes, yes, I know... everyone and their dog has a blog. What could be so interesting about the life of Bradley Reynolds that he would want to blog about it?

Well, for one, this blog will be mostly an academic record of the projects that I am doing for my master's degree. For those of you who are unaware, I recently started a program through the Academy of Art University in San Francisco doing animation and visual effects. Now, I know what you are thinking: "But I thought he lived in Provo, Utah?! What the dilly, yo?" Well, it's true. I do live in Provo (in a remarkably nice house, I might add). But I am pursuing my masters coursework full time online over the interwebs. I'm too cheap to live in San Francisco for now, but we'll see what the future holds.

Secondly, I don't have much in life that I like to rant about. But there are a few things that I feel very passionate about and you can expect to hear from me about: principles of design, love affairs with pieces of technology, the Mac OS vs. Windows debate (which, I'll state up front, I use BOTH), music, art, movie reviews, photography, religion, the amount of lint stuck in my belly button, and many other T.M.I. subjects.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I'm a closet narcissist and just get a kick out of pretending that people will actually read what wisdom I, the infamous Bradley William Reynolds, decree to bestow upon the world at large.

So place a bookmark in your browsers, brush the dust off your RSS readers, put your seat belts on, pop a stick of freshmint gum in your mouth for old time's sake, sit back, and enjoy. It's going to be an interesting ride...

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