FA 600: Complex Contour & Ècorchè Study

I'm slowly learning to use charcoal. It is a painful process and I think I need to go buy some more vine charcoal because I am just about out. Oh well, such is art...

This week was a bit more labor intensive than most previous weeks, but that is just because of the volume of work I needed to get done. This week we discussed the exercise of defining complex contour. Last week was looking at the outline of a figure, just building upon the initial gesture and paying attention to proportions. This week it was taken just a bit further, starting to move in on the major lines of the human anatomy that help define a figure. This is a crucial stage in drawing because no matter how much shading you put in, it can't compensate for bad proportions.

(P.S. I think that some of the drawings are warped due to the angle at which I photographed them... yeah, saying that will make me feel better about my drawing skills.)

I'm getting a little better, maybe now that I am drawing practically every day. My brain has reestablished the connection to my hand to try and get it to do what it wants it to do. (Don't tell my professor, but I started to start doing things better when I stopped paying attention to what she was telling me and started paying attention to what my brain was trying to tell me. One of these days, someone will win...)

Next up on the agenda is part one of a look into human anatomy. This study is a progressive journey into learning the various skeletal and muscle groups of the body. For this week we simply focused on the muscle groups on the front of the torso:
The man better put some clothes on soon, or else he'll freeze in the upcoming winter.

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