FA 600 Assignment 2: Contour

Now that we have effectively covered gesture drawing, we have moved onto the next step: contour. Essentially, it is the outline of a form, based on the previously established gesture. This time around, I tried to pay special attention to proportions, measuring as I went along. It is only line work at this point. In the future soon enough, we will begin to establish value and shading as a reinforcement to our work. If these initial parts aren't right, all the shading in the world won't help you.

It was a bit of a concentration-intensive couple of hours, but it I am starting to get the hang of things. Here they are:

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Sally said...

It's interesting to watch how it has evolved from the shapes. I think my figure resembles your drawings :), although I wish I was the statue. So, don't worry. I don't think the Greek would ever consider me beautiful either, although my Italian ancestors would probably look a lot like me :)