Human Anatomy: Barbarians are great!

I've had the chance to speak with a few individuals about my reel and portfolio and one of the consistent comments I have received is that my characters, while they may be detailed, don't really show that I know anatomy.  One of my first personal projects I decided to embark on was to do another barbarian, but this time in greater detail and fully textured.

I started off using the same human base mesh as before, but made sure it had UV coordinates before I tried anything.  I tried to loosely model the face after Dolph Lundgren.  He's got a pretty warrior-esque face, so I thought he'd do the trick.  The muscles feel nicely defined to me right now.  I'm still debating on whether to do this all in ZBrush or to take it into Maya.  For speed's sake, I might just stick with it in ZBrush so I can do all the hair portions with Fibermesh.

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