Barbarian Textured and Posed

I finally got around to doing a bit more with the barbarian sculpt in ZBrush.  The shaders that ZBrush has are very hard to work with and I don't like how it handles light.  They're fine for if you're just doing sculptural stuff, but when you get into trying to simulate subsurface scattering and hair, it loses some integrity.

I did have a chance to work with Fibermesh a bit more and I discovered that the best way to do long hair is to break up your source surface into different polygroups beforehand.  I'll have to try it again when I get a chance, but so far it turned out okay.  I can see some real limitations and I might try to get it into Maya eventually.  However, for now I am fine with this as it is.  Time to render it out and put it in my reel just to show I know organic modeling.

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