Bradley William Reynolds: Master of Fine Arts in Animation & Visual Effects

In case you are wondering, yes, I finally graduated with my MFA from the Academy of Art University:


Apparently I graduated Cum Laude... who knew?

The fancy leather case

Of course, they're waiting for final grades before they make any conclusions...

On Thursday, May 24th, 2012, we had our commencement ceremonies at the Cow Palace in Daly City.  I officially have my master's degree now, which seems a little strange.  When I finished my BFA, I swore I'd never go to school again.  I was an industrial designer and that's where I was going to say for all of my career... except for the little voice in the back of my head that told me I wanted to do animation/VFX stuff.  Every other industrial design job I looked at made me say to myself, "Yeah I could do that, but I'd probably get bored after a year."  That's when I had to do a lot of introspective thinking and figure out what it really was that I wanted to do.  Nine months later, I was back in school.

Three years later I finally finished.  I've had the question asked of me by others and by myself, "Now what?"  The answer is that I don't really know for sure.  Just like many other industries, the VFX industry isn't flourishing like it once was fifteen years ago.  Things have shifted internationally as well where the quality of work coming from developing countries is getting a lot better.  If you look at the page above with the red circle on it, you'll notice that 75% of the names are Asian.  Like other industries that are really service-based, the U.S. usually loses out.  The biggest key for me will be getting into the right job just to have my foot in the door... but I just don't know which door that will be.

I am both anxious and excited to use my new skills.  I haven't had much positive response from companies that I have been inquiring at, but hopefully things will change.  We shall see where I wind up next.  I keep saying that I had my life planned up until the 25th of May.  After that, my schedule opened right up.

I have some projects on hand to keep myself busy in the mean time.  You'll be seeing some of the progress for some of those as I will keep updating this blog.  

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