You know what goes great with barbarians?


I'm taking a break from sculpting on the barbarian to work on another project for my demo reel.  One of my own personal critiques is that I don't have a very organic environment in my reel at all.  I want to be able to do hard surface and environment stuff more than I would like to do characters, so I want to beef up my reel with more of those.

As I was working on the barbarian, I came up with the idea to do a creepy subterranean dungeon throne room.  This would allow me to have some architectural elements to the model as well as having some organic rock features.  Also, I could do some work with lighting and some fluid simulation in Maya when I get the chance.

I started working on this last week or so and have been trying to work smarter while I'm going along.  I have been doing something I don't normally do with this and that is doing UV mapping as I go along.  This is why you see my test checker texture on everything.  I wanted to see how these models will hold up with 4K textures.  I plan on hand texturing everything in Mudbox as well as doing render time subdivision and displacement.

I recently read an awesome tutorial on how to set up multi-UV tile textures and I am excited to try it out.  This will mean lots of trial and error, for sure, but it will also mean (hopefully) a better looking render in the end.  I struggled with trying to get multiple 4K texture maps in my thesis environment, so this should be an extra challenge.

The lighting in this is supposed to be gloomy, but this is essentially how things will be set up.  I have a lot more to add and I think I will be doing some fog around the pedestal area to enhance the dichotomy of the lighting.  It's actually going to be sculpted to look like a giant stalactite and there will be a really creepy looking throne sitting on top of it.  It's also going to have chains coming off the top like they are there to keep it from floating away.  Let's hope that it isn't too hard to work on.  I get bored with textures sometimes.

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