Thesis Project: Alex ZBrush Sculpts

This week I took my human character, Alex, into ZBrush to do the fine detail sculpting.  This is where a lot of the fun is in 3D modeling, because you get to push, pull, carve, pinch, and soften your mesh using a stylus and tablet.  It's much more intuitive and rewarding than working with floating polygons in space, and I imagine that most people could pick up on it quick enough.  Pixologic, the company that makes ZBrush, just announced some new voxel sculpting tools that makes the conceptual process of 3D modeling a lot more streamlined and artist-friendly.

For the most part, Roger wanted me to not worry about the technical details of the model as I went into ZBrush and just to have fun.  He introduced me to a retopologizing program called TopoGun, which I can see as being an indispensable part of any 3D artist's toolset.

Changing around materials is one way to see how different areas are looking in your model.  I switch between materials many times during a sculpt and it helps me to see different areas better.  Some materials are better for small details while some are better at showing where the cavities on your model are.  And there are some that are just goofy...

The goal with this sculpture is to get it looking as close to Mr. Freddie Boath as possible.  Unfortunately, I don't have many high resolution reference photos of the young British actor, so I'll have to get it close enough.

I could take it all the way up in sculpting even to the small textures, but that is for the future.  Plus, I will probably do that in Mudbox, considering that there are a few textures that have geometric patterns on them.  Now that I've done this, though, I want to try out some of ZBrush's new tools.  Alas, if I only had the extra time.

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