Advanced Lighting & Texturing: Chimi Texture Maps

After gathering a bunch of photos of clothing and textures, I got to work this week texturing Chimi.  The surfaces were all NURBS, which are a pain to texture as they are without doing some very difficult texture work.  So I spent about a day getting the surfaces into polygons and getting the UV maps on them.  I was a bit rough at UV mapping, so you'll have to forgive the roughness, although the textures seem to hide most of it.

I mainly used photographic textures for the clothes, taken from Sarah's wardrobe.  I then took the hair and arms into Mudbox to essentially paint in the details by hand.  I wound up sculpting the hair and exporting it as a normal map as the bump.  The skin required painting the colors, then creating separately saturated and desaturated color maps for the epidermal, subdermal, and back scatter layers of the skin shader.

All in all, it was a good exercise, but it took way too long.  I'm sure we'll have more work to do on this or other models, so I can't dilly dally on just one for too long.

Plus, I've got a thesis project to work on.

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