Alex Modeling Progress

I'm very happy to have Roger Ridley as my one-on-one advisor for my directed study.  Roger went through AAU before in the same program as me and has since worked as a modeler on such movies as A Christmas Carol and Mars Needs Moms.  Currently he does programming at Lucasfilm and shows a real passion for what he does.  He will be a great asset to draw on while I'm in school.

The model I am having him work with me on is the Alex model.  He found some problems with the model (problems being some topology issues that are a real "no-no" in the industry) which were easy enough to fix.  My hope for this week is to fix a few more small topology items, then get to work on UV mapping Alex.  This Wednesday will be the first time I'll have to bring him into ZBrush and try out some detailed sculpting.

However, I must admit that seeing how Roger does some of his work is a lot more intuitive than my current approach.  We'll chalk this model up to a learning experience.

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