Thesis Project: Robot Modeling Progress

I haven't posted my progress on this model in a little while.  I started over with some of the major pieces of the Robot a few weeks ago and have been working my way forward ever since.  The reason I started over was because the surface topology had a lot of artifacts in it that would show up whenever I would smooth the surface, especially where I had to punch holes in the mesh, like on the back.

You can compare this to the original a few months back and see that this is much higher in resolution than the previous iteration.  One thing that I also focused on this time around was not getting caught up in making the NURBS surfaces line up perfectly every single time.  I found that if I didn't get caught up in making mathematically perfect geometry, I was able to work faster without any real issues to speak of.  One thing you have to keep in mind is that the end results are what you are after, even if the process isn't "perfect."  As long as the end rendering looks good, you can get away with a lot of cheating!

Once I finish modeling the head, I will do some quick UV mapping, and then I will actually duplicate some of the parts.  This saves me time in having to UV map objects that are just going to be mirrored anyway.

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