Demo Reel 2012: New Intro Work In Progress

After more than two years of service, I have decided to redo my current demo reel's introductory animation.  There are many reasons for doing this:
  • It adds too much time to the overall reel, which needs to be around two minutes.
  • It takes too long to display my name.
  • I have a revised logo since I did the last one.
  • I have learned a ton of stuff since I did that one, primarily within the realms of lighting and texturing.

I had received some helpful critiques from some classmates as well, so I knew it was time to start working on a new one.  I've stuck to the whole mechanical theme of the previous one, but I'm trying to get it down to about eight to ten seconds in total length.  For the mean time, I've been focusing on modeling some new robotic arms and getting the shaders right:

Also, I had to figure out how to import my logo model from Cinema 4D into Maya, with a few hiccups in the texturing.  After I finish doing the modeling, it will be time for animating.  It's my goal to have this rendered out by the beginning of December, so I have some real work ahead of me.

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