Preproduction: Concepts

The third class I am taking is a class on preproduction. Preproduction is an important part of the pipeline in making films, video games, animations, etc. Essentially, it allows you to budget your time and resources while striving to not lose the creativity of the original idea. For this semester, I'll be developing concepts for my thesis project. (I'm not actually sure if I'll be using these since I hope to work on a group production, but it will still be a good exercise for me.)

Our first project was to come up with some ideas on something to work on, narrative or not. I've always got a few stories floating around in my head, so these are the ones that I put forward:

A.L.F.R.E.D.: Artificial Life Form: Robotic Energy Division
As a seven and a half foot tall steam-powered humanoid robot, Alfred was designed by the Baron Von Tito as a prototype solution to the rampant slavery that plagued their steampunk-themed world. Before Alfred’s final programming could be complete, the Baron passed away, leaving the lumbering robot with an insatiable curiosity about the world surrounding him.

Weapons Test Range Tour
Set in the intermediate future, Omni Technologies invites the you to view its latest development in weapons technology. Guided by the company’s hostess A.I., Alice, the audience is transported via a people-mover type system through the weapons test ranges, catching a glimpse of the contraptions in action. The test results are performed by clean-suit technicians on dummies or ‘willing’ test subjects, often with comedic results.

Alien Garage/Pit Stop
In the distant future, NASCAR has continued to survive and evolve, with racetracks being built on other planets and the cars being upgraded to speedy spacecraft, complete with galactic corporate sponsors. The racing team of speeder number 42, Dax Darkstar, is comprised of humans and aliens alike, and often is found at their wit’s end trying to deal with each other’s quirky behavior.

Privateer 3036
With the expansion of humankind far beyond the solar system, warring factions have emerged over the control of resource-rich planets. Commissioned by the Interplanetary Colonial Government, the space-faring warship Foehammer, captained by Marcus Grant, works as a privateering ship. Their main mission is the seizure of enemy cargo and vessels, as well as defending the ICG’s expansionary efforts.

Ferdinand the Cave Troll
Among the ranks of the army of Mordor preparing to enter through the Black Gates and crush the remaining world of man is the unwilling participant, Ferdinand. Although he is a very large and ferocious looking cave troll, he would much rather sit and smell the flowers. While waiting for the order to march through the gates, he spots a butterfly (the one who is a friend to Gandalf) and happily chases it into a nearby cave. As he admires the butterfly resting on a flower, he is completely unaware of the entire final battle of Middle Earth and the destruction of Sauron that is occurring behind his back.

Future Private Eye
Set in a cyber-punk themed future, Tracer Spade lives a solitary life as a private investigator in the heart of Detroit. The two loves of his life include his ‘antique’ hotrod hovercraft and his sidearm. His life takes a turn for the unexpected when a mysterious woman enters his office, hiring him to search for her missing father.

Herakles Versus Cerberus
In order to pay penance for the murder of his family while temporarily insane, Herakles (Hercules) was given twelve labors to complete. The final labor consisted of capturing the three-headed hellhound Cerberus from Hades using nothing but his bare hands.

That's all for now. We'll see how things pan out for the future.

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