Organic Modeling: Blocking in Part 1

Another semester is here and I am back to blogging about it. This semester should be very fun with lots of hard work and fun projects ahead of me.

One of my classes is Organic Modeling. The essential purpose of this class is to help me understand the forms of living things (real or imaginary) and how to properly create 3D models for them. One of the principles of organic modeling is to have your model mesh completely constructed of quadrangles (4-sided polygons in 3D space). This allows for the proper subdivision of a model as you go into finer detail. For now I will be working on a model of a human figure in a neutral pose, although other projects will explore quadruped anatomy and construction.

The initial stage is called the blocking stage where you rough in the model:

At this point, it is very rough, but is the foundation for further high resolution work.

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Elder Max and Sister Pat said...

Glad you are back. I'll be reading.