Preproduction: Concepts Part III

So far I haven't gotten enthusiastic feedback on my thesis concepts, but that is mainly because I am blowing the work way out of scope. So this week I decided to reflect on what actually brought me here to school and how my particular background in industrial design has had an influence in my work. Having done that, I realize that my particular love is hard-surface modeling (non-organic) and that I would thoroughly enjoy doing that when I am finished with school. With my goals in mind, that helped me to come up with some more doable concepts:

3D Modeling - Hard Surface Modeling

Alien Garage
The theme around this idea is that even in a futuristic world, when your vehicle breaks down, you still have to bring it to someone to fix it. The idea would be to create a small ‘intergalactic’ mechanic garage with two repair bays for spacecraft/speeders. The shop is run by two mechanics: one a future projection of your stereotypical human grease monkey, the other an alien/cybernetic hybrid. The interior environment would include the repair bays, at least one speeder, and their collection of tools and supplies.

Industrial Design Concept Lab
This idea draws direct inspiration from my background in industrial design and manufacturing engineering. I would like to create a still scene that centers around what the future of concept design and prototyping might be. The idea would be to create a human designer in his own not-too-far-distant-in-the-future design studio. He would be interacting with some sort of tactile interface that is connected to a multi-armed robotic device, essentially a rapid prototyping machine. He would be sculpting out a concept model of a futuristic motorcycle or some other type of vehicle.

This concept is probably a little clichè, but the visual potential still interests me. This would include modeling a portion of the interior of a derelict spacecraft, filled with cargo containers, load lifters, and other industrial equipment. A lone human in an environmental suit stands on the edge of the cargo area, shining a searchlight in the dim interior. In the shadows, a non-humanoid alien creature lurks, just out of the direct view of the searchlight.

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