ANIM 629 - Realistic Pumpkin

This week in the land of pumpkins...

Our final assignment for this class is to create a realistic texture for a pumpkin that will then be composited into a photograph of other real pumpkins. Drawing on our previous experience with creating textures from photographs as well as using procedural textures, we created the maps for both the pumpkin and the stem.
I couldn't find any photographic references that were good enough for being able to steal a lot of scarring details from and since pumpkins aren't in season, I had to paint in most of the scarring you see by hand. It was actually quite fun and I must admit that Photoshop has a lot of settings to help you get it right.
Pumpkin Bump Map
Pumpkin Specular Map
The color map for the stem started off as a picture of tree bark. I then layered on some dark ribbing, some green color, and lots of tiny specks like you see on a real pumpkin stem.
Stem bump map
Stem specular map
Finally, I did a quick turntable rendering of the pumpkin so you can get the full effect of the texture.

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