Human Anatomy: Warning, this post contains very naked...

... animals! We've essentially covered the basics of human anatomy now, so we are taking a look at animal anatomy and how it relates to the basic structure of human anatomy. If you look at the skeletal structure of this cat below, you can see many of the same structures: scapula, humerus, radius, ulna, etc. It really is amazing to see the similarities between all types of animals: mammal, reptile, avians, etc.

One of the other assignments we had this week was to draw the skeleton of a mythical or imaginary creature. I tried drawing one of my own, but I didn't like the results. It was supposed to be some sort of lizard dog thing, but it really didn't work out at all. So instead, I opted to delve into the Star Wars universe and decided to work on a dewback lizard, one of the forms of transportation of storm troopers on Tatooine as seen in Episode 4.

And just to give you an idea of what they really look like, here is a Japanese guy riding one:

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Elder Max and Sister Pat said...

I like naked animals better. :-)
Very interesting to try to figure out the skeletons. I would not have thought the first one was a cat.