Figure Modeling: I'm Thinking...

Our final project in this class is to do a seated or reclining figure. One of the options was to do the ever so famous "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin. For the first part, we are only blocking in the major geometric forms, as usual. From there, further refinements will be made.

One of the things that is different about this particular sculpture is that it has no internal metal armature. I wanted the practice of trying one without something to hold it up inside. Instead, I have inserted bamboo skewers to help support the clay. This is something you do if you are going to fire a piece in a kiln. I might not fire this one, but I wanted the opportunity to try out a new technique anyway.

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Sally said...

VERY cool. I'm worried about his butt again -JUST KIDDING! He looks awesome. I wish I could live in your brain for a week to see the world like you do.

P.S. Little Katie was very interested in the music teacher at Ethan's school tonight because he was playing a guitar.....she liked looking at how he was strumming it. She really reminds me of you sometimes. I'd love it if she got some art genes!