Human Anatomy: Animal Muscle Strucutre

This was essentially the last week that we had to do drawings for this class. It really is remarkable how similar in structure and function the muscles of the human body are to that of animals. This is a drawing done from a sculpture of a goat.

Since I already had pictures of the Dewback Lizard, I decided to try and draw the muscle structures rather than doing complete surface detail.

I also promised myself that I would try this at least once. I decided to set up my web camera to do a time-lapse photo capture of my drawings. Essentially, it took a picture every three seconds or so, then played them back at 30 frames per second. It's kind of interesting to see this done at high speed. You can see approximately how much time I spend on details and what tools I use. I'll admit, it was kind of painful to draw this week because I was trying not to block the camera, so I had my arm fully extended.


Sally said...

Ok - THAT is really, really cool! I loved watching you work. It's amazing how you can just CREATE something that wasn't there before. Incredible. BTW, that tone post is quite freakish.

Elder Max and Sister Pat said...

Very cool. You are fast!