Anatomy - The Torso (Yes that means nudity)

This week in my anatomy class we were studying all of the bones of the torso. Holy crapola are there a lot of things packed in there that all work together to make sure our lungs and internal organs don't get crushed to smithereens!

Our model drawings this week focused on the rib cage, the sternum, the scapula, and the pelvic mass:

Yes, that model really does look that emaciated in the pictures. I guess we needed to be able to see the bones better. (Consequently, the knobby undulations on the side of your chest are, in fact, not ribs, but a series of inter-braided muscles!)

We also had two drawings to do this week. The first was of an actual rib cage. It tool about six hours to do this drawing. I almost went blind trying to remember which rib I was drawing.

The final drawing (which took significantly less time) was that of the pelvic mass and all the bones included in it. Now having drawn part of the internal structure of the human body makes me all the more appreciative of how well it works and how things don't generally go wrong all on their own.

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