ZBrush 4R2b: Lazy Day Sculpt

Every once in a while I run into a creative slump while working on a project.  I hit that the other day and decided I needed to do something to reinvigorate my creative juices.  This morning I got an email telling me that I could update my version of ZBrush to the latest: R2b (don't ask me about the naming conventions...).  I decided that would be a great chance to pull out ZBrush for a quick sculpt using the new hard surface brushes that I have been wanting to try out.  So, using Dynamesh, grouping polyloops, Polypaint, and the like, I decided to do another alien bust.

I guess it's sort of an alien environmental suit thingy.  Maybe I'll do a time lapse of an alien that would wear this thing.

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