Thesis Project: Kobol – Modeling Beginnings

 Now that the holiday break is over, I am back to working on my thesis project.  The next piece is actually something I have been looking forward to working on for quite some time.  The Kobol is an interesting ship, because it's sort of an intergalactic popemobile.  Think if a televangelist had a spaceship in a retro-science fiction future and you've got this thing.

Because it's such a fluid shape, I thought of many ways to try and do the actual modeling for it.  I wound up going with NURBS to start off with, although I can think of other ways to satisfy the design.  We'll see if this approach works.  I started off with a few NURBS curves to define the base shape of the hull.

Although I tried this approach, the surface wasn't tangent at the XY plane, so having symmetry would be difficult.  I had to try a few other things, but eventually wound up with something worthwhile.

After finding a viable mesh, I started cutting out certain parts and tried to get the topology even across all the surfaces.

One thing I use to always get caught up in when working with NURBS is that I always tried to have the surfaces be completely perfect in tangency to each other.  However, once you convert to polygons, usually all the work you've gone through tends to be lost in the conversion.  The main thing I needed to focus on, really, was the topology and getting it to flow evenly across all of the surfaces.

Once I did that, I converted the surfaces over to polygons and began adding edge loops to harden up the corners of the angel emblem on the hull.

It's not a bad start, but I might have a bit more work to do if I find out that the other half doesn't work in symmetry.  That might merit starting over again, which isn't desired, but might be necessary.

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