Advanced Lighting and Texturing: The Haunted House

Now that the character Chimi is complete, we are supposed to be lighting an environment and compositing it together.  Typically you will only light an environment when the textures are done, but for this class, we are doing things a bit backwards.  We created an additional render layer with all of the scene objects in it and assigned a 50% gray lambert shader as a layer override.  That way, we can focus just on lighting the scene.

I decided to go with a creepy nighttime scene with a long green streak of light reminiscent of a hallway door opening onto a supernatural scene.  I also used Mental Ray's Final Gather for this rendering, which is a way of calculating how light bounces from one surface to another.  In addition, I added in the background plate after rendering, as well as an ambient occlusion pass to bring out the cracks and details of the geometry. As a final note, I duplicated the rendered layer in Photoshop, blurred it slightly, set it to a screen transparency, and then adjusted the brightness and contrast and opacity so that there was some slight glow to the lit surfaces in the scene.

There's a lot of texture creation that needs to be done for this and hopefully I will be able to get it out easily.

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