Advanced Lighting and Texturing: Chimi Lighting - CSI Style

Although I have been using a 3-point light setup with Chimi this entire time, this week we were supposed to set one up in "CSI Style."  In terms of cinematic 3-lighting, most of the time, the basic lighting will be set up with three lights:
  1. Key light: Meant to be your main light
  2. Fill (or bounce) light: Meant to round out the form and keep it from falling too much into shadow.  Usually about 2/3rds the brightness of your key light
  3. Rim light: Meant to pop your hero characters off of the background.

In the show CSI, apparently, all of the hero characters have a very strong rim light on them, almost to an absurd degree, even though there is no possible physical light source in any particular scene that would do that.

I didn't push the rim light too much with Chimi, but, then again, I don't think she'll be appearing in any CSI episodes any time soon.

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