Figure Modeling: The Contrapposto Standing Figure

This week in figure modeling we started work on a contrapposto pose. (Finally, Naked Lady gets her chance in the 3D spotlight!) The human body is amazing in how it knows how to keep balanced. In a contrapposto pose, one of the legs bears the majority of the weight of the body while the hips tilt to the side. The shoulders also tilt opposite of the hips in order to keep everything balanced. Go ahead, try it. Stand up from your computer and strike a pose. You'll see what I mean.

I had to cannibalize on the the Naked Men I sculpted earlier in the semester in order to have an armature. It was either that, or make another one. I took plenty of pictures of Naked Man #1 before I tore him down. It was a tender moment.

I mainly focused on getting the gesture of the upper body blocked out this time around. Next week, when I work on it, I will resolve the lower half (and probably wind up changing a lot in the process).

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