A.L.F.R.E.D. - Smoothing Out the Animation

I always budget way more time to this than is probably really necessary. After the animation is stepped out and blocked in, the next step is to basically put in the velocity of each of the parts in the scene. Essentially, all you're doing is changing the speed of transition between the XYZ coordinates of each piece via a velocity curve. (This is the point of the animation where I said, "Hey, I recognize those things! Those are from calculus. They tell you how fast an object is going!")

There are still some tweaks that need to be made here, but for the most part, I like what I am seeing.

Also, I discovered that I will probably get rid of the palace background. The specific shader I am using on the floor that essentially uses the background image, but allows you to cast shadows on it (kind of as a way to fake a background really quick), doesn't seem to be working with the fire particles. Every other piece of geometry is casting a shadow in the scene, except for the smoke. Ugh! So my solution is to build a background set, which actually shouldn't take long. I am much further ahead on this than I thought I would be. Keep forging ahead!

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