They Might Be Deaf...

First came the pumpkins. Next came the concert.

Even though these have already been posted on Facebook, I felt like posting them here. The concert was fantastic and I had a great evening with my good old friends Jordan, Matt, and Philip. Matt was kind enough to take some photos with his iPhone:
Misters Flansburgh and Linnel.
I got to stand about this close to the stage the whole night. It was awesome.
You'll never see anyone rock on the accordion quite like John Linnel.
The band now consists of three other fantastic musicians that regularly tour with them: Dan Miller (guitar & keyboards), Dan Weinkauf (bass and wicked soul patch), and Marty Beller (king of the drums). Touring with them for the special Flood Show was Ralph Carney, the guy in the back of this photo who played various wind instruments.
For being a little bit of a portly guy, John Flansburgh can really rock on the guitar!
The most amazing part of the show is where they showered the audience with a steady stream of confetti for about twenty seconds straight. I've never seen that much confetti all at once in my entire life.
A fantastic time was had by all (even the drunk guy who bootlegged the whole concert on his Palm Pre). I hope to be able to see them again in the future.

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