Where I Used to Work... Sort Of

This is a bit of a random post of old stuff, but I felt like sharing it. Where I was working at Pride Mobility there would be some down time between major projects (or in most cases, waiting for the engineers to decide what they wanted to do with a design before we would suffer through making it 'pretty'). During that time, I would often do some random things, most of which would benefit the company... I'm sure.

We were looking at hiring on another designer at one point and needed to find out what sort of layout we could do with our design room. So in my down time I took it upon myself to model up our entire design area, complete with phones, desk lamps, computers, and even filing cabinets. We could then move them around in our virtual environment to see what would actually work out.

Since I had gone to all that work in modeling up everything, one day I decided to take it all into Hypershot and render it out. In real life, it was much darker than this, but the textures and colors are pretty darn close to real life, if I do say so myself.

It was at this point when I said to myself, "I'm in the wrong industry."

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Elder Max and Sister Pat said...

Too bad they wouldn't let us inside to see the real thing. This is great.