Cucurbita Maxima 2009

Many people know that I enjoy a good cucurbita maxima carving every year... that's jack-o-lantern for you non-Latin speaking folks. Ever since I learned how to do variations in shading years ago, I've tried to do portraiture every year and most I try to do a crowd pleaser. This year I decided to be a bit selfish and do something that really just I and a few hundred thousand other people like, my favorite band, They Might Be Giants:

John Flansburgh

The title from the 'Miscellaneous T' album

John Linnell

I'll admit that I don't ever want to do three pumpkins like this again because it took me 5 hours to complete all three of them, non-stop.... that is, unless someone paid me. However, I'm pleased with the results. I'm going to see them in concert in Salt Lake next week, so I am excited. Rock on and Happy Halloween!

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Sally said...

I think this was your best year ever! Truly. I was going to ask how long it took you, but I would have guessed 3 days. Five hours? It would have taken me five years! Absolutely amazing. Every year you outdo yourself - like the gingerbread houses.