Mark 3 Suit - Grunging it Up

Even though NASA might be shutdown, that doesn't mean that I have to stop working (yet... but that's another story).  In the mean time, I am at home doing some work.  I finally got the chance to take the Mark 3 suit into ZBrush to do some fine detailing:

After I got to putting back in the seams and wrinkles that didn't show up from the laser scan, I went back and created some grunge maps with added dirt and yellowing of the material. I even programmed in some controls for the rig so you could determine the level of dirt and weathering of the suit to fit whatever needs you had.

Now to test it out in an animation.  The rigging on this uses Modo's full body IK system, which doesn't always work out for the best.

Let's hope this shutdown doesn't last too much longer.

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