Cucurbita Maxima 2013

I have to admit that having two children under the age of 2 sort of drains my desire to do fanciful holiday crafts.  However, I've set the bar too high for myself, I suppose.  Anyway, this year I decided to do a rendition of Robert Downey Jr. ala Iron Man 3.  I recently got to see the movie for the first time (the reason: two kids under the age of 2) and really enjoyed it.  Actually, I really like all the Iron Man films, so I think this is a fitting tribute.

 The time waster

The time waste-ee

I had to put in a shot of my daughter's pumpkin

Click here for my comprehensive guide on how to do one of these. I think next year I might try carving one of these out with a rotary tool.  No joke.  I would love to know how to make these go faster.


Phillip Burnett said...

Yeah, Totally go for the rotary tool. Just think if you could pound out 2 or 3 renditions each year!? So fun.

LeAnn Mendoza said...

You do awesome work Brad! And the rotary tool is a definite must!