ZBrush 4R6: ZRemesher

I haven't had much free time lately to do 3D stuff on my own at home, but I really wanted to try out a new feature in ZBrush.  The latest release included a tool they have been developing called "ZRemesher."  It essentially uses complex algorithms to analyze the surfaces of your sculpts to create a base mesh that works with the curves.  With the addition of this tool, it makes sculpting that much easier.

I did the above old man in about two hours in ZBrush.  It started off as a Dynamesh sphere where I got it to the proper size.  After that, I drew some curves on the surface to suggest how the polygon flow should be generated, then let ZRemesher do its magic.  I can't complain:

This truly solidifies ZBrush in my mind as a great development tool.  It's great to worry about technical details later and just focus on the creative at first.

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