Organic Modeling: Tallis Posed & Detailed

I have sort of previously neglected this project in order to focus on my thesis, but this week I wound up with some time to work on it.  It's getting closer to being done and I am happy with the results that I have been able to achieve.  Using the Transpose Master plugin for ZBrush I was able to take the model and pose it in something other than the neutral bind position.  I then set about to put in all sorts of folds in the clothing, trying to follow the shape of the body in doing so.  One thing that can ruing a model is doing clothing folds the wrong way.

I also created a hood using a sphere and Dynamesh.  The daggers and little diamond pieces were created in Maya, but that's just because I wanted to get some decent topology out of them.  I still have to work on the hair and I also need to create a base for her to be standing on.

This project and class has taught me a lot more about ZBrush and the many tools that are available in it.  It has made my workflow a lot easier.

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