Organic Modeling: Tallis Beginnings

I am having a bit of a slow start at this, but I still have plenty of time to work on it and perfect it as I go.  I started off doing my model of Felicia Day as Tallis from Dragon Age.  I started off doing a base mesh in ZSpheres, and did okay with that for a while, but eventually I was fighting the topology of the ZSpheres.  I took the rough base I had created in ZBrush and brought it into Topogun to redo the topology.

Once I got that finished and back into ZBrush, I spent some time doing anatomy.  However, I realized I was spending way too much time on areas that were going to be covered by clothing anyway.  That made things simpler and eventually I split pieces up, created new clothing using Topogun as a base start, and also made a few props using Maya.

It still has a way to go, but it is getting there.  I think it will be easier to do some of the detail work once she is posed.  In the end, she is supposed to resemble this:

Close, but no stogies yet!

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