Hard Surface Modeling: The Wheel Rim Part 3

This week was essentially the last week for the rims model.  I found out this week that we didn't have to model a car for our rest of the term project, but could model anything we wanted, as long as it was a hard surface model.  I have to do some searching to see what I can come up with, but it should be fun.

In the mean time, I added some fillets to the model where I could and softened up the edges.

Here is a nice little rendering done with a fake reflected environment.

One of the requirements we had was to do a turntable rendering with an "evaluation" shader attached to the model.  That essentially means that you reflect an environment that will help you tell how well your surface continuity is.  They provided us with a reflection map...

... but I thought that it was a bit ugly, so I opted for another one that I found: