Hard Surface Modeling: The Wheel Rim Part 2

This week in class we again worked on our wheel rims for the cars we will be building.  I managed to pick a bugger of a wheel to model up in NURBS, mainly because of the complexity of the surfaces that intersect.  I tried my hardest, but in the end, I still have some massaging to do with the surfaces to make it so that they have continuity from one surface to another.

One of the hardest things to do with this model is adding edge fillets to the models.  It is a necessary step, but it can be really tricky to get it done.  Every edge has to pick up some sort of light reflection to look realistic, even if it is very small.

Finally, I did a little test render (because another classmate of mine did one like this and I liked it a lot).  Looking decent, but I can see some areas that need work.

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