Thesis Proposal: Supporting Artwork

A good deal of convincing power for a good thesis project is held within its supporting artwork. In the film industry, before a single frame of footage is shot, the art department spends months designing what the look of the film will be like. This is usually in either sketches, illustrations, models, and so forth. I've never been the greatest sketch artist compared to those I have had the chance to associate with, but I enjoy doing a good doodle every now and then. Here are a few I came up with:

I also got lucky enough to recruit some of my fellow industrial design colleagues in my cause. I figured they need some good sketching practice and some of them do really great work. Here are some from Nate Finlay:

Another colleague from my days in industrial design, Josh Farnworth:

This will actually be a continual process that won't be done until right before I give my presentation next semester, so I will be posting my progress as I go.