Introduction to Maya - Biped Robot... now with NURBS!

The quest to build the perfect steampunk robot continues. Since we had already been introduced to polygonal modeling, we now moved on to modeling in NURBS. Nurbs stands for Non-Uniform-Rational-B-Splines, which is a fancy way for saying a non-standard curve. NURBS differ from polygons in that all surfaces have four boundaries each defined by a curve. For example, all of the tubes here on the robot are NURBS surfaces, essentially a plane wrapped around in a circle and bent along a curve.

NURBS are typically used in more organic shapes and meshes, but they have some merit when it comes to producing large surfaces.

I think I finally decided to name the robot A.L.F.R.E.D.:
It sounds like an acronym a Victorian-era industrialist might name their robot servant. What are your thoughts?


Susan said...

Um. Batman came immediately to mind.

Elder Max and Sister Pat said...

Like it.